5 step title lightbulb compass magnifying pen checkmark
5 step title lightbulb compass magnifying pen checkmark

Yasmin’s approach is very different to just finding a job.

Inspired by Ikigai and blending different career development theories, she will guide you through the 5 steps to a career that fits your personal interests, strengths, and personality.

1. Assess

Using a variety of assessments you are able to prioritize and get clarity on the skills you enjoy well as skills that cause you stress and burnout. You will identify and understand what's most important to you in your work life.


2. Explore

Using the knowledge gained through the assessments you are able to create your Business Model Canvas and explore different options.


3. Research

Gain in-depth knowledge into the career options, industries, job titles, roles, and responsibilities.


4. Create

Customize your resume reflecting your authentic skills, values, and type of work while also meeting the needs of the specific industry.


5. Implement

Develop a specific plan to follow that will take you through your next steps to career success.


Are you ready to take the first step?